About Us

Four Corners Development, L.L.C. brings together a partnership of four individuals who have been very active in the real estate market. The partnership encompasses many facets of Housing and Commercial Development. The partnership includes Ryan and Douglas Hamilton, who have established themselves in the field of affordable housing development, construction and management; Rita Baron, who as principal of the architectural firm Baron-Design and Associates has excelled in the design and construction of affordable and senior housing real estate; and Mike Hamra, who has worked in conventional commercial and residential construction. Four Corners, L.L.C. has been involved in developing over 2,500 units (1,089 of these are senior housing units). Our success is due to the combination of ideal site selection, engaging design, quality materials and professional management.

Four Corners Development presents a capable, well-rounded team that is focused on serving the housing needs of seniors and low to moderate income working families in communities with a strong need. Our philosophy focuses on building efficient and sustainable quality housing with useful amenities, which in turn, provide a foundation for strong communities. Four Corners Development, L.L.C. encourages the participation of minority- and women-owned businesses.